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Practice Survey Reporting

Brunswick Health Centre

Improving Practice Questionnaire Summary


The surgery undertook a patient questionnaire week commencing 27th February 2017 - 50 patients took part in this.


About the practice:                                                                                   Good or Very Good

    1. Level of satisfaction with practice opening hours                                             = 44/50

    1. Ease of contacting the practice by telephone                                                     = 35/50

    1. Satisfaction with day & time for appointment                                                   = 40/50

    1. Chance to see Dr within 48hrs                                                                                = 41/50

    1. Opportunity to speak to Dr on the telephone                                                     = 40/50

    1. Comfort of waiting room                                                                                           = 41/50

    1. Respect shown, privacy and confidentiality                                                         = 46/50

    1. Length of time in practice waiting to see doctor                                                 = 38/50


About the doctor who you saw:

    1. Overall satisfaction                                                                                                   = 48/50

    1. Doctors greeting                                                                                                      = 49/50

    1. Ability to listen to me                                                                                             = 48/50

    1. Doctors explanation of things to me                                                                    = 48/50

    1. Reassured by doctor                                                                                               = 48/50

    1. Confidence in doctors ability                                                                                  = 48/50

    1. Express my concerns or fears                                                                                 = 48/50

    1. Respect shown by doctor                                                                                       = 50/50

    1. Amount of time given to me for this visit                                                             = 49/50

    1. Doctors consideration of my personal situation & treatment                       = 50/50

    1. Doctors concern for me as a person                                                                   = 50/50

    1. Recommendation I would give to my friends about the Dr                           = 50/50


About the Staff:

    1. The manner in which patient was treated by reception staff                          = 47/50

    1. Information given by staff about the services (scripts & test etc)                = 43/50

    1. Opportunity for making compliments or complaints                                        = 42/50



    1. Information provided by practice, prevent illness, stay healthy                  = 42/50

    1. Availability & administration of reminder systems, health checks              = 41/50

    1. Practice’s respect your rights to seek second opinion                                    = 46/50

    1. Overall satisfaction with the practice                                                                   = 48/50



Comments how practice can improve service:


    • More than happy with the service provided, nothing needed to change and quite a few did not make any comments

    • Have a member of staff on the front desk seeing to patients and not have them answer the telephone.

    • Quite a few stated that they have been with the practice many years and they are totally satisfied with the service provided.

    • Have a early morning or very late GP session for those who work 8am to 6pm

    • Weekend opening times

    • Suggestion Box to be installed


Comments on how doctor can improve:


    • Very happy and many did not make any comments

    • Very helpful and professional

    • How would you deal with patients who DNA doctors appointments: pass the cost of the consultation and give warnings to the patients who DNA.

    • Charge a refundable deposit on their next appointment

    • Remove from practice, wasting valuable time for really sick patients

    • No comments

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